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Keeping the Doors for Learning Open in COVID-19

As the Corona pandemic is affecting more businesses around the world and while many enterprises are asking their employees to work safely from home, many questions are being raised regarding the exams and certifications as well as in-class instructor-led training that were usually offered by STS.

Until business normalcy is restored, STS Training Center is committed to ensuring that our customers are enabled and empowered by the latest IT knowledge required for the cloud technologies through Microsoft Azure platform official training and the other IT specialized courses.  With that intention in mind, we are happy to announce that you can continue your training plans and earn your role-based credentials and badges in the safety of your home by these offerings hereunder:


  • We are still offering our best highly experienced trainers that you are used to in our training facilities onsite, but this time they will engage you through online training courses using the official digital book and hands-on labs. Please refer to the URL info.stsarabia.com/onlinetrainingcenter for more details.


  • Another service that we offer is the online exams that we can guide you to register for and take them from comfort and safety of your home.  Once achieved a passing grade, you are entitled to earn your official certificate and maintain your certification requirement.


  • We also offer you support advisory services to talk one-on-one with our certified trainers and sales executives who will gladly advice on your certifications and whatever questions you may have. They can provide you with a learning plan and strategy specifically professionally tailored for your business needs.  You can send us an email at mssales@stsarabia.com


While the Corona situation in many countries is getting worse, the uncertainty ending soon is not foreseen to be on the horizon, so we advise you to contact us.  We are aware of the increasing demand to gain the right skills and expertise that are important to keep your IT job even during the difficult time of this Corona pandemic.

Stay home! We will professionally support you in your cloud-learning journey and exams even if this situation persists.   Don’t waste your time!  Catch up with thousands of our students and trainees who are already maintaining their professional training requirements and skill set with STS Online Training Offerings.  

Our best wishes to you for a safe successful learning future. Thank you and we all at STS are looking forward to hearing from you.


Dima Hazeen

Director, Microsoft Managed Services Microsoft & Rapidus





Keeping the Doors for Learning Open in COVID-19