STS Achieves Cisco Customer Experience Specialization (CX)

STS, the leading provider of digital transformation, information systems, and integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions in Jordan and the region; today announced that it has achieved Cisco’s Customer Experience Specialization.

As an esteemed Gold Partner for Cisco, STS’S achievement of this specialization was mandatory to maintain the gold partnership acquired previously.

This specialization validates STS’s skills in insertion, adoption, expansion, and renewals. Accordingly, STS’s teams can ensure that their customers are able to achieve their business goals and eliminate or reduce barriers to renewing their subscriptions. Moreover, it allows to increase customer adoption and enhances the team’s expertise to facilitate solutions and drive customer satisfaction.

STS has a solid organizational structure that provides customers with unsurpassed services through different teams to guarantee a successful service adoption for any new product or service and works on continuously reviewing their customer’s feedback post-adoption to overcome obstacles and business challenges if any.

STS is committed to providing impeccable solutions in the various fields of technology enablement and Digital Transformation establishment for organizations and has led the way in easing this fast-paced transformation while accumulating business knowledge and technical up-to-date experience since its inception in 1989 and until this very moment

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