Riyadh Cables Group shifts to Cloud

STS, the leading provider of digital transformation, integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions in the region; has announced today that it has successfully upgraded the data center of Riyadh Cables Group Company (RCGC), the leading manufacturers of wires and cables in KSA and the region, and moved forward with shifting its operations to the cloud, utilizing its hybrid potentials for enhanced performance and upgraded capabilities.

In line with their digital transformation efforts, RCGC appointed STS to upgrade and enhance the company’s existing data center and migrate its data recovery operations to the cloud. The project resulted in maximizing the compute power, provided a solution for storage and backup while it uplifted the active directory and exchange services. Moreover, STS has managed to upscale the firewall and overall security controllers.

To add to RCGC’s efforts in providing highly secure operations, a move to the cloud was vital in terms of disaster recovery systems and operations, maximizing collaboration values, and enhancing the safety of internal and external mailing and overall company data, a matter which results in increased business continuity and agility while enhancing the overall security across the company.

Raed Ayoub, Group CIO, at Riyadh Cables said: “At RCGC, we are always working on maintaining our pioneering position in this industry, and in order to achieve that we should always start from within. Our cooperation with STS has helped us in achieving the security standards we are looking for to operate excellently, and shifting our IT Services to the cloud is a remarkable milestone achieved. We are keen on maintaining the digital transformation course and providing an agile and swift experience to our employees and clients.”

Commenting on the project, Anan Mohammad, Sales Director at STS said: “We are pleased that RCGC are benefiting from the latest additions and enhancements, our mission is to enable organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey, and we believe that to achieve this milestone, businesses from all verticals are to start by fortifying their infrastructure digitally and move upwards.”

STS is committed to providing impeccable solutions in the various fields of technology enablement and digital transformation establishment for organizations and has led the way in easing this fast-paced transformation while accumulating business knowledge and technical up-to-date experience since its inception in 1989 and until this very moment.

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