STS Cloud

STS Cloud 

Is a pioneering hybrid cloud platform in Jordan, offering in-country cloud-computing services that boost flexibility and functionality. With expertise on all the latest trends in technology and extensive proven field experience, STS Cloud gives your business an edge, enhances productivity, improves agility, and, most importantly, keeps your data secure.

STS Cloud, the first hybrid cloud platform of its kind in the country, has been built to suit your business’ diverse needs. Reducing your need for infrastructure, we offer a cost-efficient, in-country platform that offers the safest security protocols at a minimal cost. Supported by leading global vendors, we provide a flexible open-standard hybrid cloud with multi-vendor support to protect customers’ investments, and with no vendor lock-in. Supported by its handpicked cloud-computing experts, this elite team is dedicated and passionate about ensuring an efficient cloud-computing platform at the highest standards.

Features : 



Open Platform


Hybrid Architecture


Secure Design


  • 24/7 Support
  • Latest Security Systems
  • No Cloud Lock-in
  • Build-in Hybrid Cloud
  • Open Standards
  • Reach With Local Connectivity
  • Extremely Secure by Design

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