Managed Security Learning & Awareness

Your users are the weak link in your network security, They need to be trained!

We focus on user adoption, enabling users to effectively adopt and use the system in a short time after attending the fully comprehensive training sessions which will be valuable as well as interactive.


Our purpose:

Measuring your baseline awareness of security

Educate staff on the cyber threats faced.

Raise awareness of the sensitivity of data on systems.

Ensure procedures are followed correctly.

Provide information on how to avoid Phishing emails and other scam tactics.

Reduce the number of data breaches.


Our Managed Security Learning and Awareness are powered by Knowb4 and features:

Immediately start your test for up to 100 users with unlimited users.

Select from 20+ languages and customize the phishing test template based on your environment.

largest library with 500+ items of security awareness training content.

interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters.

Custom phishing and landing page.

Risk Scoring.

Advanced Reporting.

Smart Groups.

Training Dashboard allows you to see how your end users are doing at-a-glance.

Automated reminder emails for all of your end-users.

Active Directory Integration.

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