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Umniah Rides The Digital Learning Paradigm Shift IN Collaboration With STS Training Center

Umniah is one of Jordan’s most prominent and fastest-growing telecommunications providers. A subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, Umniah has since its inception, earned a reputation for firsts, introducing cutting-edge communication technologies that effectively democratized broadband connectivity for both personal and corporate use through an array of high-quality mobile, internet, and enterprise solutions, boasting a customer base of approximately three million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets.



As the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic drastically limited the movement of people and forced organizations to follow health codes and safety measures to maintain the wellbeing of their customers and employees, Umniah, as one of the most innovative telecom providers in Jordan insisted on keeping the doors of education open for its team members.

The company worked to find the ideal ways to utilize the time that its team members spent during the lockdown.

Umniah maintained its focus on its strategy of enriching the wide range of knowledge and abilities of its team in order to best serve its customers and, ultimately, the company and its vision.

During the lockdown, 18 Umniah IT specialists were scheduled to attend an ITIL Foundation V4 training and certification workshop, and due to the pandemic, there were now new rules, greater challenges, more restrictions and a major change in priorities for most companies.

In order to keep its focus on its strategy, Umniah found a non-traditional method to keep its business running.

The method had to be interactive, easy to explain, require little technical knowledge, offered a well-thought-out syllabus, was delivered in a straightforward manner and offered value for money.


Solution: “The STS Way”

Based on long experience that has spanned over three decades of solid partnerships with global IT solutions giants, STS has been named as the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year frequently.

The STS Training Center Team identified the best tool to be utilized, which was Microsoft Teams.

The platform was chosen because it offers the best tools needed to achieve the stated learning objectives compared to other similar tools or applications.

The platform has a user-friendly experience with an easy interface that is intuitive and straightforward, with advanced features and the ability to host events with the highest levels of security that safeguard and protect the content and confidentiality of discussions.  It also offers a real learning experience that is not bound by time limitations for the sessions.


Implementation & Business Outcome

Umniah’s team shared its concerns and challenges with STS, which has been a reliable technology partner to Umniah since the telecom’s launch, which led to an evaluation of the objectives and the creation of a plan.

During the introductory phase, the MS Teams application was introduced to Umniah’s IT specialists along with all its features and capabilities.

Throughout the course delivery phase, the STS team committed to full monitoring of the project to ensure the achievement of the desired outcomes for the ITIL course, which was held over the span of several days by a certified international instructor, who interacted with the attendees, shared content and answered questions with ZERO technical disruptions.

At the conclusion of the course, the STS Training Center Team distributed questionnaires and conducted short one-on-one feedback sessions to determine whether attendees have actually had fruitful learning experiences. The combination provided by STS Training Center and MS Teams during the lockdown for Umniah was met with positive feedback and heightened engagement for the trainees.



“Having online courses in the era of Covid-19 was a golden opportunity to strengthen the employees’ capabilities and continue their training plan.”

“Attendees experienced ZERO technical interruptions and I advise organizations and individuals to take advantage of this tremendous learning experience to gain the right skills and expertise that are important for an organization’s IT role.”

Abdelrazaq Al- Hunaidi

Agile Guidance Supervisor, Umniah


“Umniah worked very hard to help keep the learning path open for its employees during this critical time and we at STS ensured that the experience was beneficial and exceptional!”

 “Our STS Training Center is committed to ensuring that customers and trainees are enabled and empowered by the latest IT knowledge required for all ICT specialized courses offered by a wide spectrum of knowledge sources, and delivered by our distinguished list of specialized instructors”

Dima Hazin

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Director, STS

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