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Philadelphia University: Moodle Integration Success Story

At STS, one of our commitments and responsibilities is the Digital Transformation of educational institutions, STS worked very closely with University of Philadelphia to enable a collaborative remote learning experience by seamlessly integrating the university’s Moodle Learning Management system, (LMS) with Microsoft Teams for 6000+ Students.

Customer Commitment, Centricity and Excellence are reflected as part of our core principles exhibited in the way we deal with our customers’ requirements and in the way, we operate.

STS realized that, while, the university had Microsoft Office 365 A1 with Teams free licenses, and the fact that they had an established powerful LMS, it was plausible that the LMS system can be augmented with collaboration, connectivity and mobility world-class features by merging it with Microsoft Teams. 

This integration facilitated the provision of their users with secure remote access to the same learning content they are used to; from any device and any environment that is convenient to them.

The integration of Moodle with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams has reaped a plethora of benefits for the University. 

The major advantages are organizing students’ activities, assessments, communications, assignments, conversations, courses all in inside “ONE SINGLE HUB”.

 Another integration benefit is that all the educators and course participants can now browse the courses modules without having to access to Moodle and enjoy the functionalities of Microsoft Teams from a single tab as any other Moodle application. 

 With integration between courses in Moodle, Office 365 and Azure AD, the office 365 username and password, the staff and the students can now benefit from the ease of access to Moodle with no additional credentials to remember.

 A new work offline feature is yet another benefit added as Moodle courses at the University can now include office documents that can be edited on any device and even offline.

 Moodle calendar events are now able to be synced with office 365 and shows up on all mobile devices, thus, adding a mobile friendly welcomed addition.  All Moodle calendar entries can now automatically appear in Office 365 calendars of students and staff.

 Teachers and students can now use their office 365 accounts to sign into Moodle.  The integration also allows a single sign-on (SSO) secure experience for Outlook email, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, as well as the learning platform, Moodle.  Equipped with SSO, users now can notice a significant increase in speeds of signing in and accessing documents.

Merging OneNote with Moodle allows students to complete their assignments in OneNote and submit them into Moodle with simple intuitive steps.

Moodle course documents can now be stored on OneDrive by University staff and students yet providing the unlimited globally available storage of the cloud.

 Integrating Office 365 and Moodle is currently saving the university hours of administration work every week resulting in an increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness for staff, educators and the students.

 Because Office 365 is cloud based, students and staff can now create, save and open documents from anywhere connected to the Internet, while in the same time using Moodle.  The Office 365 and Moodle integration makes it easier for the teachers to choose the course content in Moodle, For example, they can enrich learning by embedding interactive online lessons created in PowerPoint Excel spreadsheets and simple Word documents, too, can form part of your online lessons within the Moodle platform.


In a nutshell, STS’s introduction of Microsoft Teams to the existing Philadelphia University Moodle system not only is providing learning continuity in a quarantine lockdown for the students hunkering at home, but also, is augmenting their learning system with leading transformative remote learning, modern workplace, security, collaboration and communication state of the art cloud technologies.


As a token of appreciation and customer satisfaction, the University Director of Computer Center Mr. Adnan Yahya highly commended STS for the expedient delivery and recommended STS as a trusted partner for technology adoption and transformation of digital learning, highlighting the long-term partnership, trust, experience and tech-capability of STS.

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