SEDCO - Digital Branch Transformation

SEDCO | Self Service Solutions

Extend your products and services beyond the working hours

Create a great digital experience between your business and customers, using 24/7 self-service machines without opening more branches and skyrocketing your operating costs.

With SEDCO’s self-service machines, you gain alternative channels to serve your customers around the clock, at reduced costs. The smart kiosks have scanning modules, printing modules, passport readers, ID card readers, biometric scanners, cash acceptors, cash recyclers, card payment, and roller scanners.

SEDCO self-service machines offer the following benefits:

  • Make products and services available 24/7
  • Easy development and deployment of services.
  • Customizable to suit specific requirements.
  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Decrease operating costs.
  • Boost your sales and revenue.
  • Best utilization of your resources.
  • Easily accessible for people with special needs.

Whatever your business is, it’s time for digital branch transformation. SEDCO Self-Service solutions can be customized to fit your specific industry needs:

  • Telecom: Selling smart devices, issuing and renewing SIM cards, using mobile money (deposit, withdraw, transfer), managing top-ups, paying bills along with remote video service for assistance.
  • Banking: Non-cash transactions, bank statement printing, checkbook printing, cheque deposits, card issuing, and video banking for remote assistance.
  • Governments: All types of transactions requiring verification by ID and fingerprints, issuing documents, cards, and all types of government payments by card or cash.
  • Healthcare: Browsing available services and doctors, making and managing appointments, all types of payments by card or cash, viewing and printing medical test results/certificates, viewing and printing prescriptions, and self-check-in (filling e-forms, scanning IDs, scanning insurances).

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