The Digital Takeover

We live in a connected world where we have become dependent on technology to do most, if not all, of our chores such as reading the news, ordering food, planning vacations, and connecting with our friends.

When the world was hit hard by Covid – 19, relying on technology-based solutions has progressed further as people were looking for the most efficient and secure way to communicate. Many businesses became obsolete, while others pioneered such as Amazon where it has witnessed a sales spike an endured a profit of $5.2 billion between April and June 2020 alone*.

Not only online shopping sky rocketed during the pandemic; Microsoft Teams Has Seen A 775% Rise in Users in Italy**immediately after remote working was the only way left for businesses to continue and people to connect beyond lockdown walls.

These are just two examples out of many were the dependency on technology drastically grew therefore another need surfaced as a result of the tech takeover. It was undebatable that the need for cybersecurity solutions has increased due to the increased risk of breaches since the usage was mainly on home networks and personal devices.

Interestingly enough, I personally found that the idea of artificial intelligence and big data has become a very well used fashion, as most people are connected online, businesses needed to process large amounts of customers' data to provide a better and more enhanced customer experience.

Consequently, the move to cloud technology was quickly accelerated due to the pandemic, and it is predicted that the global public cloud IT infrastructure market would grow to a whopping 120 Billion USD with 35% growth in 2021, according to one of Forrester's reports***.


What does the future hold?

Coronavirus has increased our collective screen time especially on mobile devices, and I am observing how much the focus on mobile apps have grown and how the dependency on them has significantly increased including myself and people around me.

I think that the pandemic has forced businesses to face an unforeseen disruptive change on the way they operate, and in order to survive, they should focus on adopting digital transformation solutions and useful applications due to its appeal to users while being convenient, cost efficient, secure and agile.

Working at a company that takes DX seriously!

Working at STS confirms how important is digital transformation awareness, being at a company that takes this matter seriously; I have witnessed an un paralleled attention to developing solutions that goes hand in hand towards making life easier while conducting businesses effectively. The company has established the first hybrid cloud of its kind in the country that allows businesses to pick and choose the most suitable way to utilize cloud solutions while maintain cost efficiency. Moreover, it has produced a number of solutions that cater to various needs such as Ngage, its digital workplace solution, ComplyOne, allowing businesses to have a fully automated internal audit management system and Nsights, a CRM that is exclusively designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

More and more solutions are becoming available to us as we move forward towards achieving a life that is hassle free, simple and efficient. Therefore, I can confidently claim that digital transformation has taken over and is the best way to keep us ready to face any crises coming our way!





Shadi Madanat

Digital Marketing Expert

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