Impression Matters: Make your Interview Count

Interviews are one of the most energy-draining situations that those who are on the lookout for a job face. While there are many articles that aim to assist interviewees on how to nail their dream job; I am writing this blog to answer the questions I usually receive as an HR person to highlight the most useful tips that will help you prepare for an interview, and distinguish yourself from others.
The rule is simple; the great impression is the key! A great impression is a combination of a few simple instructions and tips that when combined will increase your chance in landing the job you are aiming for.


So, if you want to ace your next interview and land that job you've been seeking, check the below tips:

 Do Your Research: Going to an interview blind is considered a missed opportunity, especially nowadays where data is available and easily accessible by everyone. Knowing the company as well as the products and services it provides is essential.

 Spend some time researching: the company by going through its website, social media pages, and any news releases. By doing so you are not only preparing for the interview but also building a clearer image of what the company culture and environment is.

 Analyze Your Target Job: Another essential step is to understand the role you are interviewing for. Read the job description to know what the position entails, this will enable you to anticipate the areas the interviewer(s) will be tackling. Speak the Right Body Language: Appearance is important and by appearance, I don’t just mean the way you dress, as dressing up properly and being well-groomed goes without saying, but you also need to pay attention to how you carry yourself. Always remember that even if your responses to the questions are flawless, the wrong body language can send mixed signals and affect how you are perceived. Pay attention to your posture and body language; walk and sit up straight, make eye contact as you articulate your points, and use your hands.

 Arrive Early: Arrive 10 minutes earlier to give yourself some time to relax and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

 Be a Good Listener & Share Examples: During the interview listen carefully to the question, give yourself some time to answer, and try as much as possible to back up your answer with a real-life example that occurred with you during your experience or study.

 One important note: While it is necessary to express enthusiasm for the position, candidates who answer every question with upbeat eagerness may come across as insincere, try not to exaggerate your interest or qualifications.

 It is Okay Not to Know: If you feel that the question is not clear enough for you, do not hesitate to ask for clarification, believe me, that it is totally ok to say that you do not know the answer.


Have Questions of Your Own: Bear in mind that interviews are not only about the company getting to know you. You have to speak up and ask your own questions. Don’t shy away from asking smart and relevant questions. Ask about the position, structure, expectations, career progression, and growth and know what you want beforehand, if possible, this shows that you are looking for a career and not just a job. One more thing; do not ask about benefits during your interview and try to leave this conversation until negotiation time.

And finally, no list of job interview tips would be complete without this advice. Avoid disparaging comments regarding former employers, colleagues, and companies. Such comments deliver the wrong message about you.


Following these tips will put you on the fast-track road to leave your interview with a great impression and higher chances to land your dream job!


Carol Al Shair
HR Manager, STS

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